If you and your partner are tempted to take that attractive overseas posting, schooling is a critical aspect and not one that can be overlooked. If, for example, you wish to come and work in Bangkok, you can’t really expect your kids to study at a Thai school, as the language of instruction is Thai, so private education is the only solution.

International Schools

The top of the tree, a BASIS international school in Bangkok is the ideal choice; there are over 30 international schools that have embraced the BASIS approach, which is an established K-12 learning network that equips students with the necessary skills to be successful in their lives. Your employer would likely offer to pay for your children’s schooling, so you might as well have the best available and learning in a multi-cultural environment is valuable experience for any young person.

Additional Costs

While your employer would pick up the term fees, you would have to pay for uniform, books and supplies, which is a small price to pay for premium education. The international school would invite you to parents day, where you will be given all the information you need to prepare your children for their first day.

American or British Curriculum

The two are somewhat different and unless you are planning to live in the UK, the American National Curriculum is perfect for an international education. Find a K-12 school that uses the US curriculum and your kids will excel for the few years that you are posted in Thailand, which will benefit them greatly as they get older. The teachers are all hired from either the US or the UK and are both qualified and experienced, ensuring that your children get the very best attention while learning.

Set Up a School Visit

It is likely that your employer will leave the choice of school up to you and with a Google search, you can bring up a list of websites and create a shortlist of potential schools to visit. When looking through websites, always read the mission and vision statements, as these highlight the values and aims of the institution. It is never a good idea to turn up unannounced, rather you can book a tour of the campus via their website and make sure you bring the children with you.

Rather than worry about your children’s schooling, this is a great opportunity to gain some worldly experience and your kids’ lives will benefit as a result on the posting.