If you are planning to enter a university in the United Kingdom in 2019, and you have yet to secure a placement at any university, you will have to enter the university clearing process. The process for clearing is strictly for the following groups:

  • Those who did not get into their Firm Choice or Insurance Choice
  • Those who have yet to receive any firm offers from a university.
  • Those who apply after June 30th
  • Those who wish to enter into the Self-Clearing

Useful Advice for Clearing in 2019

Any student who is going to enter into uni clearing in 2019 should heed the following advice:

  • You should apply yourself, rather than expecting your parents to apply on your behalf.
  • You should spend some time making a list of preferred universities and study fields, which will help you when you enter the clearing process.
  • Do not Delay in Applying for Clearing – There are many other students who are also looking to secure a place at the university of their choosing, so you should not delay.
  • Do not Take a Holiday at this Time – In the event you have a firm offer that you have accepted, you should resist the temptation to take a holiday. You need to be available at all times, and should make the clearing your priority.
  • Check UCAS and University Websites for Listings in your Preferred Subjects – Obviously, it is very important that you start the clearing process as soon as possible. If you are eligible for clearing, you should see an “Add Clearing Choice” option should appear on your track listings page. If, for any reason, this button is not visible, then you should make contact with someone at the UCAS website, and there would be phone numbers specifically for this type of enquiry.
  • Make Good Use of the Telephone – The phone is your best tool when looking for a place at a university, and once you have found an institution that you are interested in, get in touch via the phone as soon as you can. As you can imagine, many other students will also be doing this, and if you keep getting the engaged tone, keep trying.
  • Don’t Get Disheartened – The clearing process can be quite challenging, and if things are not going as you would like, do not become negative about this. Rather than relying strictly on emails, you are advised to make good use of the phone, and every university will have special clearing phone numbers. If, for example, you keep getting the busy signal, try and try again, and things should work out for you eventually.

University clearing can be very stressful, and you are strongly advised to make good preparations, and approach the task with some determination. Many UK students are also in the same position as you, and it is only with a lot of effort that you will be accepted into one of the universities of your choosing.