It’s one thing to teach your kids to follow the school rules – but how sure are you that your educational establishment is following government rules itself?

You might be surprised to learn that not all schools are made equally. There are those who are in poor areas, who receive constant review from education authorities. Then there are those schools that appear so perfect, they manage to float through life without so much as a comment on their annual exam report. However, the time will eventually come when even the very best of schools receives an in-depth review from an outsider. When that time comes, is your school likely to pass scrutiny?

Schools have a Duty to Comply to Government Legislation

If you’re not sure if your school is up to code or not, that’s something you should work on ASAP. Don’t leave it to chance. If a single unhappy parent calls the ombudsman because of a missed result or chance encounter with an errant ex-teacher – will it highlight your flaws? There may be 60 million children who don’t get the chance to go to school, but that doesn’t excuse poor standards set for those that do. According to the UK government, at least 5% of all UK schools are not in line with standards outlined in official guidance, and something needs to change.

Schools that don’t keep up to code are schools that quickly lose their hard-earned reputations and end up closing their doors. If you don’t want it to happen to your school, we suggest you listen up.

The Best 3 Ways To Ensure Your School is Up To Code

If your aim is to save your school’s reputation by ensuring it is up to code, here are the best ways to do so.

1 – Take Compliance Training

Here in the UK, you can study up on governmental Staff Compliance Training for schools and educational facilities. This allows you to know what needs done and when. It teaches you when compliance fails, and what to do when the standards of your school start to slip. This is double beneficial to the average teacher, too. If you are the one that takes the lead on government compliance, you secure your position as an essential employee. Something to think about when you are bolstering your CV.

2 – Consult with a Professional

You can go back and forward and consult with professionals in this area. The problem with this option is that professionals and experts in this field all tend to work on the school conduct boards. Try to find a consultant ex head-teacher or look within your local school district for your nearest expert.

3 – Research and Review School Standards

The UK government have several documents outlining the independent school standard that they expect of you. Getting to know this source material forearms you against future attacks to the school’s reputation. Review these documents carefully, especially if you are the head teacher or the person in charge of your department.