Most of us drive to work listening to the voice of a radio broadcaster. While visual mediums have taken over, there is no denying that radio has a charm that’s not replicable. In fact, with the coming of digital radio, the industry is reviving like never before. If you want to become a radio broadcaster on want to work in radio, you should know that this is a field that demands creativity in most roles. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to start a career in radio.

Knowing the prospects

If you are not keen on being on-air, there are various other roles in radio to consider. For instance, you could be working under broadcasters initially as an intern, could be working for sales & marketing teams, or even audio engineering. Technicians and engineers are required in managing and running radio channels, and there are other jobs, such as producer, channel manager, and sound manager. Note that your expertise determines the kind of role you have in a studio. For instance, if you are a trained audio engineer, your role in radio would be vastly different than of a show producer. Broadcasters are often in the limelight, which is why many youngers gravitate towards that side, but there are other options, depending on your interest.

Is professional training required?

You can start working at a radio station as an intern or someone with no experience, but don’t expect your pay to be beyond basic. In fact, you may not get paid at all for smaller roles. This is the precise reason why broadcasting schools exist. You can take up either a broadcaster course, or can choose to go in the technical field. Media schools have varied courses related to radio industry, and all you need to do is make sure that the concerned school is right for you.

Other aspects to consider

Working in radio can be a demanding career, much like TV broadcasting. Make sure that you are ready to work at odd hours, must be willing to meet deadlines, and must be team player. Whatever your role, radio jobs are usually satisfying, and most people in radio in the US make great salary on an average every year. Radio broadcasting is great as long as you have a passion for the role. This is not the standard IT desk job, and therefore, can be much more interesting too.

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