Raising kids is tough enough, what with all the responsibilities that come with having a family and working full time to be able to provide a decent standard of living. If that wasn’t enough, as our children reach their teenage years, things begin to change and if parents don’t have the time to spend with their growing offspring, they can easily get on the wrong track.

Teenagers thrive on challenge

There are many schools of thought regarding the bringing up of teenagers and one is to provide excitement and challenge in the form of expedition tours that are designed by experts. Search online and you will find a leading global challenge tour provider that offers a wide range of programs, each specifically designed to appeal to teenagers. All that pent up energy can be directed in a positive way and you know that your son/daughter is not getting up to mischief when you book a place on a demanding expedition tour.

Finding your passion

If a teenager can manage to find something in life that lights a fire, they can then pursue this with passion and student tours in the UK are designed to help students find interests. It might be a sport, or an art talent such as drama or singing, by engaging in student expeditions, the kids have the chance to try different things.

Exploring Europe

Children that are exposed to foreign cultures develop with a more balanced perspective, having experienced different cultures and there are study tours to all parts of Europe, including:

  • Portugal – Spain
  • Romania
  • Poland & Slovakia
  • Italy
  • Serbia
  • France
  • Norway
  • Iceland

Give your teenage kids a head start by introducing them to other cultures and expand their real-life experience; they will rise to the occasion and the rich experiences they have will make them into fine adults with a healthy, global perspective.

Sustainable travel

Kids need to know about the natural environment, particularly climate change and the best way to gain a deep understanding of environmental issues is to go to the front line and see how things are changing. If we arm the next generations with the knowledge of how climatic conditions are being affected by human behaviour, we are giving them the tools to make a positive difference and turn this planet into a beautiful place.

If you are wondering what to do with your two teenage kids in the coming holiday, Google ‘expedition tours UK’ and checkout the many programs both at home and abroad. When they return, you’ll notice some positive changes in their behaviour, which is the result of the study tour.