There is a lot to be said for the theory of the ’10,000 Hour Rule’ and its mantra that any skill that is practiced for 10,000 hours or more over many years will result in the person practicing it to become an expert in that specific field. The thought it that absolutely any person can become world class at anything – you just have to show the dedication to continuously practice and learn, and to be open to a life of learning. In any profession positive habits are required in order for you to become good at your job and to have a successful career. Through careful and thorough professional training you can build a core foundation of positive habits that are rewarding over a long period of time.

It takes individual dedication and commitment to be able to succeed in your chosen career, and though the 10,000 hours might not be something that you can realistically commit to as a strategy, with clever training you can improve your core skills set, and add specific traits throughout your career, that help you become a better performer and a real success within your profession (and through that you’ll most likely hit 10,000 hours in that time anyway!).

There are many professional training courses and providers that you can choose from, but in order to develop positive habits it is about choosing the correct provider for your specific needs. If you know what you want to do for a specific role, look for the specific training that will give you those skills as a base to work from. Whether you require sales training, or you wish to be a future leader at your company or elsewhere, look for the providers that have success in those fields.

Alternatively, if you are a business owner, or manager responsible for a large number of employees, it is important that you choose a training provider that can help you grow a team organically over time. You should never look to force any issue with your staff, instead looking for ways in which you can develop a strong bond between employees, a trusting environment where management and employees communicate openly, honestly, and with true effectiveness, and where there is a clear pathway for growth and long-term careers within the organisation.

We find that positivity works best in any professional training environment. Of course, you should be aware of weakness that require improvement on your part, and for the team as a whole, but with a positive approach you can develop positive habits that will stand you in good stead for many years to come. It is about practice, practice, and practice. On top of that, regular training from experienced professional training providers add greater levels of substance and know-how to your core foundation of knowledge, ensuring that you continuously improve as an individual. With these positive habits in place you can become anything that you want to be within your chosen profession and future career.