We all know just how important the English language is for Thai people, especially those who are soon to be entering the job market and if your son or daughter is about to finish their formal education, college or university is the next step. Of course, your choice of degree and university is critical and there are Thai institutions that offer 3-year BA courses that include a 12-month stay in the UK, learning at a prestigious university.

International Business Degree Programs

If you want the best, the MBA course (called หลักสูตรอินเตอร์ in Thai) is an international business degree program offers the student many advantages. Living and studying in the UK for one year is going to develop your language skills, plus you will gain an insight into the British culture, which broadens your horizons. The 3-year program is challenging, but if you enroll with the right college, you will have all the support you need.

Open Doors

When you graduate from a British University, potential employers are very impressed with such a resume and with a 1-year period in the UK, you are the ideal candidate for a multinational company with offices in Thailand. English fluency is essential if you want to land a plum job and you can achieve this with an international degree program.

Language Acquisition

It is absolutely essential that you have a good command of the English language when you finsih your basic education. Most Thai parents put their kids through an international school, as this guarantees English language fluency. When the student enrolls in an international degree program, their language skills are further developed, as all subjects are taught in English.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

You probably know that the Thai education system relies on rote learning, where students memorise content in order to pass exams. This does not help you to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, but when you spend 1 year at a UK university, those skills are developed, thanks to an active learning strategy. The foreign professors put students into small groups and give them real-life tasks, which require the team to delegate and work together towards a common goal.

If you would like to learn more about international degree programs, search with Google for a Thai college that has an association with the UK and look for the specific course that suits you the best. A 3-year program is very intensive and with 12 months spent in a British university, you can be sure of English fluency.